Blubot - An Introduction to Robotics

Blubot Mobile Robot image

In 2015, I submitted a robot photo, Blubot, in the Mouser Electronics Empowering Innovation Challenge with Grant Imahara. Blubot was among the first 200 entries.. I received the "Letting My Genius Prevail t-shirt" and the Mouser backscratcher. I had more fun programming the Arduino Uno microcontroller than anything else. It was fun to build it and using my knowledge in electronics to try different circuits without destroying them. Yet, the programming Blubot was a lot of fun.

The Arduino Uno has a small flash memory and writing a simple program, Obstacle Avoidance, is all I could do with such a small memory. Blubot would run randomly around the house avoiding obstacles but in some unforeseen situations, Blubot would run into a few objects as well.

This introduction is like a programmer's "Hello World", it introduces the tools and methods to get everything working in the Arduino Uno board and the Arduino IDE and also the Raspberry Pi board and the Code::Blocks Software. The circuits and source code are simple and the programming language is C/C++. Read the following article to get you started... Enjoy!


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Download the source code zip file to the Arduino and Raspberry Pi 3 Projects including an object oriented programming c++ class.
Projects LED & Button

I like to tell you something about myself. My adventure in electronics and science begin at a very early age. Three people influenced me into a direction in my life that still affects me even today. First my Father, he had a TV repair shop. He worked in the family den at the time. I would watch him work for hours on end. The second was my six grade teacher. He introduced the class to science and we were to work on our own project. My father bought me an introduction chemistry kit. My siblings jokingly still remind me of the spots in my bedroom ceiling. The last, my friend Tony, introduced me to astronomy. We would look through his telescope at the craters of the moon. From there, my objectivity about the world which had changed me to see the truth about nature.

There is a photo of a small lab I used for Blubot and for the introduction to the article.
Blubot Lab

Introduction for the Absolute Beginners for both the Young and Old

I found some suitable information on the subject particularly on the Single Board Computer (SBC) like Raspberry Pi and the microcontroller like Arduino. I have seen adults using the Raspberry Pi as their personal computer so I suggest buying two, one for the young adult and one for the parent. These electronic devices are not toys. Richard Wenner is someone who has explained these devices quite elegantly but received little attention. His YouTube site is here! Further more, I only found very few YouTube videos that explains the Raspbian Jessie PIXEL OS and its installation. The video shows a Raspberry Pi 2 but the installation will also work for the Pi3. Raspbian Installation

Arduino and Raspberry Pi by Richard Wenner. PLAY

Raspberry Pi 3: Newbie Introduction by Richard Wenner. PLAY

Arduino for real beginners by Richard Wenner. PLAY

Arduino Uno Introduction Part Two by Richard Wenner. PLAY

Basic Electricity

Resistor Color Codes by Richard Wenner. PLAY

Electronic Basics #1: The Multimeter by GreatScott! PLAY

Other Stuff

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