Xcode IDE - Swift code

Image of an example of Swift code

When I started using the Swift programming language, I was surprised how similar it was to the other C-Type languages like Java, C-sharp, and C/C++. Yet, Swift is also quiet different with respect to the similarities to Objective-C in that Swift uses the same programming patterns to incorporate the many frameworks used to develop an application. It goes without saying who is behind this new programming paradigm. Objective-C has always been a difficult language because it is not at all like I have ever seen before, so I have never used it. Swift on the other hand, was easy to use. I believe anyone knowing the C-Type languages, will pick it up as easily as well.

Below is a Main Template for those coming from a C-Type language.

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Power of Two

Below are two similar programs in Swift using the same Main Template but each program is slightly different in their method of power of two. One uses a for-loop and the other uses a bitwise-shift. The power of two of an integer has the result of an exponent with number two as the base and an integer as the exponent.

Power of two: For-loop

Power of two: Bitwise-shift